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Compare Multiple Property Selling Options And Choose Based On YOUR Needs, Price, & Timeline

How it works?

The Owner Advocate marketplace gives you up to 5 different property selling options to choose from so you can find the RIGHT solution for your situation.

Each option is catered towards a specific goal you have with selling your property despite it’s condition or your timeline.

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The Property Selling Process Has Been Redefined

Typically as a seller, you have 1-2 selling options.  You call a Realtor and list it or you take a low ball cash offer from some investor sending you direct mail each month. 

With the Owner Advocate you receive several selling options that are catered to your specific situation FREE of charge so you can pick the best solution for you!

Compare Up To 5 Different Selling Options

The Instant Cash Offer

The Owner Advocate marketplace gives you access to several institutional and private cash buyers in your area. Receive an instant cash offer, sell your property as-is, close on your timeline, and save you thousands on traditional closing costs.

Sale Leaseback

The Sale Leaseback allows you to sell your property, but remain in it as a tenant. Access your equity, but stay in the property you love.

Fix and List

The Fix & List program allows you to fix up your property before you sell it, you can retrieve the highest possible sales price. The total cost of your project will taken care of up front and reimbursed at closing so you can flip your own property!

Bridge Buy/Sell

The Bridge Buy/Sell allows you to buy and sell a house at the same time seamlessly. Purchase your next property in cash using this program so you can focus on one transaction at a time. Ideal for situation where you don't want to go through the traditional sales process.

List It

Sometimes your best option is listing it on the open market. Owner Advocate agents are certified and trained in all selling options to ensure the highest amount of exposure and sell it quickly for top dollar.

Trade In

A trade in programs enables Owner Advocate client’s an enhanced ability to make an offer on their dream home without being bogged down by a contingency.....

The Owner Advocate Difference

The days of being told by an investor or real estate agent that there is only 1 option in how you sell your property are over. Our marketplace of professional property buyers, certified Owner Advocate real estate agents, bridge finance services, and fix and list companies gives you ALL your selling options so you can sell based on your terms, price, & timeline.

Generate multiple cash offers through our marketplace of professional property buyers  and close with certainty.
Improve your home before you list it so you can sell it for top dollar. We’ll supply the contractors, funds to pay them, & list it for you when ready.
Buying and selling a house at the same time used to be a difficult process, but now it’s simple!
Sell your property in as little as 7 or 30 days and close on your timeline.
Exploring all your options will give you the peace of mind you didn’t leave any money on the table and made the right decision.
Don’t risk your transaction falling apart. Our professional buyers will produce an offer that closes when you want it to.

The Owner Advocate Can Help You...

Sell your property Quickly

Compare several cash offers from accredited home buyers and close on your timeline.

Property In Need Of Repairs

If your property needs repair or in bad shape, our marketplace of professional homebuyers will be interested.

Sell For Top Dollar

We'll help get your property in tip top shape before you list it so you can retrieve the highest sales price.

Buying & Selling At Same Time?

Separate the buying and selling process one house at a time and take the stress out of your next transition.

Unlock Home's Equity

We have several options to unlock your property's equity and remain in the home.

Financial Distress/Foreclosure

Sell your property quickly with a cash buyer or consider an alternative to foreclosure.

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