Flip Your Own Property Fix and List

  • Fix you property before you sell it for top dollar
  • No funds out of pocket
  • Sell your property for the highest price possible

How It Works


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Analyze The Work

We'll visit the property and determine which renovations should be completed and set up a plan to begin work.


Flip Your Home

List and sell your property for maximum profits with its recent improvements. Payment for work completed is paid from your sale proceeds.

You don't pay for the repairs and work until closing. This way you have no money out of pocket, but now your property is worth more.

The process will vary depending on what kind of improvements are being made to the property.

We will provide a local Owner Advocate approved Realtor to inspect the property and assist with the sale.

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What Are Your Other Options?

Fix and List

Fix up your property before you sell it so you can maximize it's sales price.

Sale Leaseback

Sell your home and remain as a tenant.

List It

List your property on the open market and receive top dollar.

Bridge Buy/Sell

Buy and sell a property at the same time seamlessly.

Instant Cash Offer

Generate cash offers and close quickly.