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Owner Advocate gives you multiple non-traditional property selling options to choose from so you can find the best solution for you.

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"I only thought I had one option when selling my property, but I had 3! Very satisfied and will definitely recommend to friends and family"

Jan Humphries

Thanks to this, I was able to improved kitchen before I sold and it increased the value significantly! I can't thank you enough"

William Lewis

"This was a great process to see see all of our options. This made me more confident to move forward"

Branden Collins

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Here are some of the most frequently asdked questions.

That will depend on you and which option you are considering.  A cash offer can close in under 30 days while a fix and list program will take much longer to complete the work and get on the market.  There will be pros and cons with each option you consider, which is why we recommend comparing all.

Considering which option you pick will determine your selling costs.  For example if you were to sell through one of our cash buyers you could save thounsands on commissions. On the other hand if you were to choose the fix and list option, you will pay a commission since a Realtor would be involved.  Most sellers compare their options first with the estimated net sheets so you can see all the numbers. This is all part of the comparing your options.

Absolutely not. You are the owner of record up until you sell the property. There is no cost to get started or obligation to continue. This is just a way for you to compare and contrast your options. it is up to you to continue.

That’s the best part. You’ll be able to compare all options side by side and weigh the pros and cons of each. In our experience, every seller is in a different situation. You’ll choose which is most important to you; speed, timing, money, or convenience.

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