modernizing the way you sell your next property

The way real estate is bought or sold has changed more in the past 5 years than in the previous 100. The Owner Advocate gives property owners multiple selling options to choose from.

Modernizing The

Way To Sell Real Estate

Multiple Seller Options

The Owner Advocate is one place to get all of your selling options.  Most sellers think their property selling options are limited to hiring the local real estate agent or selling to an investor.   That’s not true.

Sell Based On Your Needs, Price, & Timeline

The Owner Advocate marketplace will give you ALL of your selling options so you make the best decision for you!

“Owning a home is a keystone of
wealth, both financial affluence
and emotional security.”

Suze Orman


Dustin Defrates

Founding Partner

Dustin stewards the DeFrates Group portfolio of companies as a data & lead generation expert, broker/owner, residential & multifamily asset manager. DeFrates Group owns a product suite designed to assist investors, wholesalers and Realtors find motivated home sellers. DeFrates is locally operational in wholesale, agency services, construction & property management.

Mike CUevas

Mike Cuevas

Founding Partner

Mike Cuevas, also known as the Real Estate Marketing Dude was a licensed real estate agent for over 17 years. Today Mike is CEO of Real Estate Marketing Dude, partner in Sweet Assist software and the Owner Advocate.

As a lifelong real estate agent, Mike wanted to modernize the way sellers exit their properties.

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