If you’re thinking about selling your property the Owner Advocate agent program is the option that offers you multiple options to fit your home selling needs and your timeline.

The truth is, the traditional way of selling a home is broken. Traditionally, people sell a home by calling an agent and signing a bunch of documents. Then you get your house ready for showings, plan that big open house, and just wait and pray for a buyer to come. But what if you need to sell fast and you just don’t have time to wait on that traditional sale? Or maybe you’ve located that dream home but you can’t buy it because you need to sell your home first? Or you’re just not satisfied with your current home’s value and you need to sell it for more?

The good news is there are more options now because there is no ‘one size fits all’ for selling a property; there are multiple solutions. And that’s why we created this program. The home sellers program is a guaranteed way to sell your property by giving you multiple options and letting you decide which is best for you. Is it speed? Is it price? Or is it for convenience?

Cash Offer

The first option is the instant cash offer. If your number one goal is to sell your property quickly, this option might be the right one for you. An Owner Advocate’s investors will give home sellers a cash offer in 24 hours, buy it as is close on their timeline and save thousands of dollars in comparison to traditional closing costs. There will be no showings and no shenanigans; just business. Moreover, accepting the offer is optional.

Fix and List It

If your goal is to sell your house for top dollar, you may want to explore some of our other options like the Owner Advocate Fix and List program. This is a good option when you want to maximize the sales price of your house and you don’t have any time constraints. We’ll look at what areas of the property we can improve cosmetically before you listed for sale, so that it sells for more money, and much faster. Plus, we’ll supply the contractors and the funds for the project. Once it’s complete, one of the Owner Advocate agents will list the home for sale. You won’t have to do anything but give your approval. We will front the cost of your home improvements so you can flip your own house.

Trade In

Our next option is for the seller who needs to buy a new home and sell their existing home at the same time. With the Owner Advocate Trade In solution will help you buy your new house first by fronting the total cost in the form of a cash offer and then once you move into it, the Owner Advocate agent will help you sell your existing one. This allows you to handle one transaction at a time without the hassles of the traditional sales process.

Your Needs Come First

In the event that selling your house the old fashioned way becomes the best thing for you, one of the Owner Advocate agents can help you with that too. So if you have a property you’d like to sell, and you’re interested in getting all your options, an Owner Advocate in your area will be in touch right away and start walking you through all your options. Selling your house doesn’t have to be so stressful and it definitely shouldn’t feel like a full time job. Well guess what? Now it isn’t. If you’re ready to get started and learn more about your options, go ahead and get started now.