A New Way To Access Your Home Equity Sale Leaseback

Convert Your Home Equity Into Cash & Stay In Your Home Short Or Long Term

What Is A Sale Leaseback?

A Sale Leaseback allows a homeowner to sell their home , but remain as a tenant so they can access their equity.

Why Sale Leaseback?

Sale Leaseback provides an alternative to cashing out on your home’s equity WITHOUT having to qualify for it like you would a traditional bank loan.

Relieve yourself of current financial difficulties & overhead​ receiving 100% of your equity vs. a portion of it through traditional lender financing.

Access your equity and take your time finding the right home to move into.​  Whether you’re building a new property or relocating states and need to free up some equity, this is can be a more convenient and less expensive option.

Relieve yourself of the responsibilities of homeownership.​ No more exterior maintenance or keeping up with the multiple bills of homeownership.  Once the property closes your only payment is your rent and your utilities.

This is not a bank loan or a reverse mortgage so therefore your credit is not important.  Once you close, you receive 100% of your equity and can use that to qualify as a tenant.

How It Works


Get Your Property Qualified

Tell us about your property and timeframe, then we'll provide you with an estimate of your home’s value and potential offer price. If you decide to move forward you will receive an official offer to purchase your property and a lease to rent it back and be under contract.


Close & Get Your Cash

You can expect to close on your property within 30-45 days of executing your purchase contract. You can expect a typical closing process, except now you avoided the time and hassle of finding a buyer and marketing your property.


Stay In Your Home

Stay in the home you love, maintain your social life, and remain in the community you love short or long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use local comparable rentals to determine market rent. If your property qualifies, you’ll receive both a purchase offer and lease offer for your home.

In some cases, yes, but it depends on the investor purchasing your property.

We can move as fast as you would like.

For the first five years of leasing, there will be a small annual rent increase of 2.5% or the Consumer Price Index, whichever is greater. This is below industry standards and covers inflation and increases in the costs we incur. Beginning in the sixth lease year, the rent may be adjusted to the prevailing local market rent.

We proactively aim to prevent this by only working with customers who have enough savings and/or equity in their homes to make our Sale-Leaseback financially worthwhile and sustainable. However, we understand that circumstances change, so if you encounter an unexpected challenge, we'll work with you to identify a positive solution that addresses your unique situation.

No! You have the contractual right to stay in your home as long as you’d like, provided you continue paying rent. Some customers use our Sale-Leaseback service as a long-term option while others use it as a temporary solution before their next step.

The same maintenance that a traditional single-family rental landlord covers. You would be expected to keep the home in good, clean shape, as you would normally do as a resident.

You will have a property manager who will provide you with a service number and customer portal. 

Yes. At the time of the sale, you will pay a real estate commission fee of up to 6%, just like a typical home sale.

The money you receive from your home sale is yours to save or spend as you like!
We’ve seen customers use this cash to:
-Diversify their investment
-Pay off debt
-Travel, go out to eat, and better enjoy life.
-Buy or renovate another home
-Cover unexpected financial or medical costs
-Hire in-home assistance
-Build a financial legacy for their children

You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your signed PSA. A home inspection will then be scheduled for a convenient time over the next five days. Within two weeks of the home inspection being completed, you'll hear back from us with the inspection results. At the same time, you’ll also receive a Sellers Information form from our Title Company that needs to be completed promptly. Between this moment and closing, the Title Company will work with you to verify any loans that need to be paid off and prepare for the transfer of property ownership.

In most situations, we can close within 30 days of the purchase agreement being signed.

Closing day is when the paperwork to compete the sale and the lease agreement will be
signed. The title company or closing agent will coordinate paying off any outstanding
debt on the home, as well as payment of the first month’s rent and security deposit.
You’ll then receive your net proceeds from the sale, with these initial payments already

What Are They Saying...

I have a distinct marketing advantage as an Owner Advocate over standard REALTORS. Clients love flexibility in the way they can sell.
My clients loved the trade in program. Completely removed the stress and they avoided holding two mortgages. I was a hero.
The Fix & List program made my look like a hero. My clients are able to flip their own home and benefit from the financial gains of improving their listing.
Being a certified Owner Advocate gives me the tools to offer my sellers multiple selling options. Couldn't be happier.