Are you feeling stuck and frustrated because your home isn’t selling? I’m going to walk you through what to do when your home refuses to sell. I’ll explain how you can start over and reveal the one major thing that most real estate agents don’t do—which is probably why you’re in this position.

Why Your House Won’t Sell

Not being able to sell your home is extremely frustrating. The good news is you’re not stuck—but you do probably need to start over. It’s important to remember that this isn’t the end of the world and your property is likely still sellable. 

A property that refuses to sell usually comes down to two things: it’s priced too high or there’s a lack of marketing. Regardless of what the reasoning is, you’ll need to start over like you never listed it in the first place. The very first thing you need to do is take your home off the market for at least a couple of weeks. Chances are your home accumulated some market time. We need to reset this market time before we release your house into the world—with brand new marketing.

Repositioning Your Home With The Right Marketing

Keeping it on the market the way it’s positioned is what we need to change. The main reason for this is your home needs a fresh start before you list it for sale. Believe it or not, taking your home off the market for a few weeks will give it the breathing room necessary to position it as a brand new property.

Once the property is taken off the market, everything has to be brand new. This includes new photos, new video, new signage, new marketing, new staging, and new everything. We’re making this a brand new listing. You’ll also want to rethink your pricing. 

We don’t create the market, we adjust to it. This is why you need to listen to it. Regardless of how good of a negotiator you or your real estate agent are, we can’t force anybody to buy your property. Ultimately, they will decide if it’s worth what you’re asking, not you. So my advice is to price it right to sell this time. Once you’ve nailed down the right price, it’s time to reintroduce the property to the world brand new.

You want to price your home strategically at a price point that’s going to get the most attention. Of course, you’ll also need a brand new marketing plan. Make sure your agent has an online marketing plan because time is of the essence.

Consider an Owner Advocate Certified Agent

If your previous real estate agent did not get the job done you may want to consider finding an Owner Advocate Certified agent in your area. Besides offering a traditional listing method to sell your home, they are trained to sell your home in 5 ways, which means more methods for sellers to receive offers.

Ask your Owner Advocate agent about a Fix and List. Owner Advocate agents are educated on working with investors using multiple methods to sell your home. The Fix & List empowers your ability to extract more value from the home. The Owner Advocate will engage an investor to take a stake in funding your very own home flip. Their investment will help you make renovations and improvements allowing you to list your home at a higher price.

What To Do If Your Home Needs Major Repairs or Renovations Are Too Much?

If your home is in need of major repairs you may need to work with an Owner Advocate Certified agent who can recommend a process for a cash sale to an investor.

Getting Your Home Sold

I hope this helped you understand what to do if you have a house that refuses to sell. If you’d like additional information, please reach out to your local certified Owner Advocated. They would love to connect with you.