Selling your property is a process that can be inconvenient, especially if your timing isn’t lining up. It’s never been more convenient to sell your property, especially if you don’t want to or cannot go through a traditional sales process. Usually selling your property includes getting the house ready to be shown and waiting for a buyer to come through, which in some markets could take several weeks or months. But what if you are buying and selling the house at the same time and you need to sell first? Or what if you’re buying your new construction, but there’s no firm date set to close? Or maybe you just don’t want to go through the process of showing your home, open houses, etc. The Trade in program is best suited to address any of these situations by allowing you to separate the buying and the selling process so that you can do one transaction at a time.

How It Works

We first analyze your situation and get you underwritten for your dream home loan. Once you’re approved, you will be funded by an Owner Advocate agent investor to purchase your next home with our funds as a cash buyer so that you can make a strong competitive offer. When your new house is purchased, you can move into it, then we’ll begin preparing your old house to get ready for the market to sell it for top dollar. Once it’s ready, we’ll list it for sale and find a buyer. Eventually, your old home will be sold and once it is, you can officially buy your new house from the Owner Advocate investor. The program gives you the ability to purchase your next house without having to sell your existing house first.

Is it Right For You?

You don’t have to settle on your next house because of poor timing. You can take your time and get your dream home that you want. Additionally, you get to avoid having to go through the hassle of a traditional sale with lots of inconvenient showings, which could take several weeks or months in some markets. So if you’re interested in selling your property in a more convenient way than ever, then our trade-in program was meant to cater to you. You trade in your car; it’s time to trade in your house. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to an Owner Advocate near you. They will be in touch with you right away and start walking you through how it works.