Did you know the best way to sell your house fast—and for the most money—is with great pictures and video? I’m going to show you why every listing needs high-quality pictures and videos. Since it’s not the 1980s anymore, your first showing will take place online. To be as successful as possible, you need to make people fall in love with your house at first sight.

Why Every Listing Needs Pictures And Videos

The truth is, people don’t need to sell their home with a real estate agent anymore—even though most choose to do so. Today you can list by owner, sell directly, hire a flat fee broker, or go the traditional route of hiring a realtor to list you on the MLS. New, Certified Owner Advocate agents offer clients 5 ways to sell their home. They are guaranteed to get you offers as soon as two days if you choose, regardless if the market is hot or not. The point is that you have options. Regardless of how you choose to sell your house, getting great photos and video is a necessity.

The way people shop for homes has changed. Did you know that over 90% of property searches start online? People will first see a house they like online, then most will drive past it, and if they are still interested, they’ll set up an appointment to view it. It’s for this reason that—if you want to get top dollar—you’ll need high-quality images of your house.

Pro Photos Are Key

Properties with professional images sell 45% faster. Additionally, they also sell 75% closer to the listing price. When taking pictures, it’s important to show off the main selling features of the home. This includes things like kitchen details, great views, and bathrooms. These are rooms that trigger emotion, and they need to be shot in the best light possible. People are less likely to schedule a showing for a house that looks like crap online.

Stand Out With 100 Foot Video Views

Videos are also essential to get top dollar for your house. While pictures will draw views, videos will showcase a live walkthrough of the house. Walkthrough video enables people to get a sense of the flow of the house. Drone videography can help estates on acreage showcase their beautiful landscapes and help command a premium listing price. While a good video won’t be what sells your home, it will increase showings. It also allows your listing to stand out in a herd of homes for sale.

There are also plenty of cool marketing things you can do with your video, which will also increase the number of eyeballs who see it. Did you know that video pulls more engagement on social media than pictures? Did you also know that we can target your ideal buyer right on Facebook or YouTube? Video gives you an extra edge in marketing your home to the masses that properties without video can’t do.

Find The Right Agent

The way people search for homes for sale has changed, and so has the role of an agent. You need to hire someone with more than just a real estate license; they should be a marketer also. So if you’re thinking about selling your house, make sure you get great pitches and that videos are used no matter who you hire. Consider hiring a Certified Owner Advocate agent. They are trained real estate agents who can help you sell your home in 5 ways and get you offers in as little as two days.