Having a gorgeous yard can be a great place for entertaining or to relax after a long day.  When people finally get around to upgrading their outdoor spaces they often regret not doing it sooner! 

Add Privacy to Your Backyard

According to Improvenet.com, outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas can add as much as 50 percent of their installation cost to the value of your home! You’ll have a wonderful outdoor space where you can enjoy what nature has to offer while adding value to your home. A well-placed outdoor structure can act like a second living room for hosting guests or can even block any unsightly views you may have.

You can also use strategic landscaping to create your own oasis. Evergreens, hedges or an attractive privacy fence to block the view to your neighbors’ homes no matter the weather. If done well, you and your neighbors will have more privacy, and everyone will benefit from the value added by your attractive backyard.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is so valuable to homebuyers that the National Association of Home Builders lists it as one of the most desirable features.  According to them,  90% of surveyed homebuyers said that outdoor lighting is either highly desirable or absolutely essential.

The best part is outdoor lighting is easy to install and is a simple way to increase your home’s value. It highlights all of the wonderful aspects of your landscape while also making your home more welcoming to guests.  On top of that it gives you some measure of safety against trespassers and potential intruders by eliminating dark spots in your yard.

Those bright motion activated security lights can be great to add to your driveway but be careful of where they are pointed.  Your neighbor doesn’t want to be blinded everytime you come home and I am sure you don’t want your kids to wake up anytime a squirrel runs across your lawn in the middle of the night.  When installing be careful to point them away from people, and opt for those that have easily adjustable bulbs so you can easily change the light’s direction. 

Tasteful landscape lighting with a more subdued color temperature can really highlight your space.  Point lights toward your home and your most attractive landscape features. Add small solar powered lighting to brighten walkways and edgings. Not only will this help make your home more secure, more attractive and more valuable, but also, you’ll find that well-done landscape lighting is easier on the eyes.

Plant Some Trees

Trees come with so many advantages.  They add character to your landscape by creating dramatic height changes.  Strategically placed trees can help cut energy costs by creating shade and cooling your outdoor spaces.  Trees help mitigate carbon dioxide emissions and they also absorb stormwater runoff preventing it from damaging nearby structures. 

Trees can add a lot of value for a minimal investment. Of course, some trees are more valuable than others since no one wants trees that are constantly dropping seeds and leaves everywhere.

When adding trees, avoid planting them too close to the property line where they may become a nuisance to your neighbors, and make sure they aren’t poisonous to any pets you may have.  Research what trees thrive in your area, or better yet, visit a local nursery and they would be happy to assist you pick out the perfect trees.  Keep in mind that buying large mature trees is always more expensive than adding younger ones, so if your budget is tight, you may need some patience to see their full potential. 

When thinking about freshening up your home, think OUTSIDE.  Your hard work will pay off once you are relaxing with a cold lemonade and enjoying the fruits of your labor.