Homeowners are constantly searching for an edge to maximize their home sales price while accomplishing the task in the shortest, most efficient period of time. In comes the Owner Advocate real estate agent.

Real estate agent + the knowledge of 5 ways to sell properties for clients = Owner Advocate

Owner Advocate certified agents are real estate agents who are no longer justifying their worth to homeowners at every turn. With their ability to balance time and profit for clients and their ability to connect them with an investor network to enable modern and expedited sales transactions—the homeowner is empowered.

This is causing a wave of #owneradvocate mentions and driving Realtors® to becoming Owner Advocate certified through ListingAdvocate.com.

“The most qualified real estate agent to sell your home is Owner Advocate certified”


The 5 Ways Owner Advocates are selling clients homes are:

  1. Instant Cash Offer
  2. Sell and Stay
  3. Fix & List
  4. Trade In
  5. Reverse Mortgage

“We had a client recently start with interest in updating their property to command a maximum price. After completing the renovations calculator they quickly became overwhelmed by the cost, time and displacement they would have experienced by a lengthly renovation process. They did express that they were happy to have gone through the process to prevent any “what ifs”. They explored a cash offer as well. Ultimately, since the market is so hot in Arizona, they did a traditional listing and sold to an out-of-state buyer in a couple of weeks”

Joel Verdico, Scottsdale, AZ based, Owner Advocate

Owner Advocates give clients the option to explore the choices at their disposal. The choices give homeowners a piece of mind.

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